When you think of a garden, what typically comes to mind? If you’re like me, you immediately picture rows and rows of brightly colored vegetables and flowers situated in an open-air field or someone’s backyard. But the advent of urban gardening is a huge game changer.

What is it you ask? Put simply, urban gardening is the process of growing food in heavily populated urban centers. The great thing about urban gardening is that there is not a solid definition of how to go about it. It could be a community garden in your local park, tiny backyard plots, indoor hanging gardens, rooftop growing, vertical gardens, and so much more. With all the possibilities, here are some of the best vegetables to grow in an urban garden:

Urban gardening is an excellent option for those gardeners who put away their green thumb because they didn’t think a garden could thrive in their location. Gardening can be done just about anywhere, and with these quick tips, you’ll be harvesting vegetables in no time.

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