Connect to Fellow Gardeners

Hey Owners!

More and more city dwellers are seeking to grow their own fresh veggies. And why not? After all, there’s nothing better than homegrown produce. But sometimes city life doesn’t leave much time for gardening. Sound familiar? If you’ve got the space, but lack the time for an urban garden, CropSplit has a solution. Tell us about your space.

Hey Gardeners!

One big obstacle standing in the way of urban gardeners is a lack of space. If your home lacks the outdoor space you need for planting, CropSplit will help you find a place where you can dig in. Tell us what you want to grow.

Allow Us To Introduce You…

CropSplit connects city dwellers with garden plots but no time to tend them with urban gardeners in need of soil. We’ll comb through the gardeners and plots in your area to create a match made in gardening heaven.

…So You Can Grow Together!

Once you’re paired with the gardener or plot you need, it’s time to plant! When harvest time rolls around, you and your fellow Cropper can split the bounty.